Tobacco Reporter, the industry’s premier trade publication, has been distributed internationally since 1873.
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is dedicated to the business of global tobacco—the latest developments, mergers, takeovers and appointments. Covering leaf markets and manufacturing concerns with one-on-one interviews and in-depth feature articles, Tobacco Reporter is published 12 times every year. That’s 12 opportunities to impress tobacco industry decisionmakers with your brand and establish your global presence for an edge in the marketplace. That’s also twice as often as any other tobacco trade journal! Discover more about how the monthly editions can help you reach your goals:
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Online launched a complete website redesign in 2012. This clean and intuitive website is part of the magazine’s mission to continuously meet the needs of the global tobacco industry, with better content organization, easier navigation and improved real-time industry news. If you are not yet supplementing your print ads with a Web presence on, you are missing out on a huge audience. Influence and reach these decisionmakers with your brand banner. Tobacco Reporter offers a variety of banner sizes to fit your needs and budget. For more information about online opportunities, contact one of our sales representatives:

Elise Rasmussen
Elise Rasmussen
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Kay O’Neill
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We at Tobacco Reporter are challenged with the task of providing relevant news and current information to the highly mobile, plugged-in audience comprised of tobacco industry executives. How do we do it? Just like our audience does—we stay on the go. Our editors and sales specialists travel to wherever tobacco news develops. It’s all about connections.
In addition to networking at industry shows, meetings and events, Tobacco Reporter is the producer of TABEXPO, the essential exhibition for the tobacco industry held in Europe every four years, and the GTNF, the best interactive tobacco industry exchange. No other tobacco trade publication delivers the quality, frequency, variety and face-to-face opportunities that Tobacco Reporter offers to its audience—networking tools that embrace personal relationships and build industry connections that help build your revenues. Contact a sales specialist today to discover how you can reach and influence a qualified tobacco audience.