Golden Leaf Awards

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Sponsored exclusively by BMJ, The Golden Leaf Awards recognize excellence in the tobacco and vapor industries.
Awards are granted on an annual basis to companies that have achieved outstanding performance in five categories—most impressive public service initiative; most promising new product introduction; most exciting newcomer to the industry; most outstanding service to the industry; and the BMJ most committed to quality award.
We challenge you to challenge our judges by nominating your company or another company deserving of recognition. Fill out our entry form today! And, of course, we would also like to thank BMJ. Without its generous support, this program would not have been possible.
The 2019 entry form | Read the rules

Past Golden Leaf Awards:

2018 – London, U.K.
2017 – New York, USA (with video)
2016 – Brussels, Belgium
2015 – Bologna, Italy
2014 – White Sulpher Springs, West Virginia, USA
2013 – Cape Town, South Africa
2012 – Antwerp, Belgium
2011 – Prague, Czech Republic
2010 – Bangalore, India
2009 – Bangkok, Thailand
2008 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2007 – Paris, France
2006 – Bali, Indonesia